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Explore Kailash Treks Pvt. Ltd. has earned a reputation as a leading travel agency for its expertise in arranging Kailash Mansarovar Tours, Nepal Tour & Treks. We have the official approval of the India Pilgrims, Foreign Passport, Non-Residential Indian (NRI), by Foreign Exchange Center (FEC) for these tours and our track record is consistently acknowledged by Chinese authorities for serving the most clients in Tibet.

Our selection of travel destinations and a variety of appealing attractions, whether it’s the tranquil beauty of Mt. Kailash or the enchanting snow-covered peaks and picturesque landscapes, combined with our extensive experience, expert service, and knowledgeable staff , guarantee an exceptionally memorable adventure with us. We recognize that your vacation is a precious moment, and thus, we exclusively provide you with the utmost quality, utilizing top-notch transportation and eco-conscious accommodations, along with exceptional service and hospitality to ensure a personal and unforgettable travel experience.

We off er tour packages at aff ordable rates that cater to various budget ranges, providing outstanding value while upholding high service standards. Our goal is to establish the benchmark against which others are evaluated

Mission & Core Values

At Explore Kailash Treks, our purpose transcends simply reaching your destination; we focus on ensuring that you relish every aspect of your journey, leaving you with not just happiness but also lasting memories from your extraordinary destination.

Explore Kailash Treks places our clients’ needs at the forefront. We are firmly dedicated to offering them reliable, efficient, stress-free, and timely services, exemplifying our strong commitment to their well-being.

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I feel extremely proud of our achievements since the year 2003 till date. The journey of two decades has been a roller coaster but our company is growing strongly and our future looks as promising as ever. We have completed our transition phase, and today we are a pioneer in our field, as we’ve created a brand name in Kailash Yatra Tour Operator, A Holy Pilgrimage Tour. Besides the pilgrimage, we have successfully operated various other Tours and Trekking activities too. We invite you to take advantage of our immense travel expertise and embark on a journey full of boundless possibilities with us. It will be our privilege to serve you.
  • Prakash Shrestha
  • Managing Director

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